How do we do it?

  • SEO

    We use a combination of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools, regular blog posts, and Google AdWords on a constant basis to ensure Video My Business always appears in all business video related searches. This brings businesses onto Video My Business, getting you leads and enquiries as a result.

  • Direct Marketing

    We specifically target key video users and commissioners, focusing heavily on web design companies. By making web design companies aware of Video My Business, their customers are more likely to discover the potential of corporate video.

  • Education

    Many of the companies we contacted seemed to think that business video was overpriced and difficult to find. As a result, we set out to educate businesses on the proven benefits that using promotional video could give them across all their business activities, as well as providing a fantastic, new, innovative way to easily find and compare corporate video producers in the form of Video My Business.

  • Social Media

    LinkedIn is one of the best online business tools available, and we use it to raise the awareness of Video My Business within the online business community. With thousands of businesses potentially looking for corporate video production, we see it as the best resource to bring you new videography leads and enquiries. In addition to using LinkedIn, we focus our efforts on Twitter and Facebook also. With both platforms being used in combination to help spread our educational and SEO efforts, we are fast broadening the Video My Business user base.

How does this help you?

  • You get on with what matters - making videos
  • We save you time, hassle, and money.
  • You get regular video production enquiries applicable to you.
  • We get you noticed.

What other benefits can we give you?

  • Corporate Video Examples

    Whilst signing up, and from within your account page, you can submit a video to be featured in our ‘Video Examples’ page, right at the very front of the site. This increases your visibility and gets you noticed. To make it fair, every month we select completely new videos to be featured.

  • Corporate Video Producer Blog

    We do our best to write interesting articles for you, giving you the best corporate videography tips and advice for all your corporate video production interests.

  • Inspiration

    Lacking that little something? Check out our corporate video examples page for ideas and inspiration to use with your clients and their videos.

Need proof? – We give you real time updated statistics on your account page. This gives you accurate information on site statistics as well as detailed profile statistics.

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