Corporate Video Production in London

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  • Video Production in London


    Cost: £1500

    Time: 2 Days

    The Brief

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We are a creative partnership specialising in aerial filming. We use state-of-the-art technology and remote controlled multi-rotor 'copters to capture stunning pictures from the air, up to a height of 400ft. We have a combines 15+ years experience working as Producers/Directors in the TV industry, so we understand how to slot into an existing team, or work on our own to a brief. If you need to boost the production value of your promo film, website, project then aerial footage will do that and more. Get in touch to discuss a project you have in mind!
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Corporate Video Production in London

Video Production Services

  • Creative input in planning
  • Onsite work
  • Aerial filming
  • Photography services

Corporate Video Expertise

  • Social Media / Web Videos 5
  • Sales / Branding / Promotional 5
  • Product Demonstration 5
  • Events / Live Streaming 5
  • Motion Graphics / Animation 5
  • Training / Educational 5
  • Property / Real Estate 6

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