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Why Video Makes Your Customers 64% More Likely to Buy Online..

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Video marketing is a fantastic way to reach new customers and increase rates of conversion in all areas of your business. Corporate video production has proved incredibly successful across all business types, but just why is business video so successful?


  1. Video allows potential customers to connect with your brand – Corporate videos give your business a face that allows others to easily identify you. This adds that personal touch, allowing people to relate to your brand and identity through business video. This personal touch builds trust and helps promote, establish, and maintain relationships with new and existing customers.


  1.  People remember you – On average as humans we remember 20% of what we hear or 30% of what we see. However, we remember an amazing 70% of what we see and hear. So corporate video is a fantastic tool to help you raise your brand awareness, boosting knowledge of you and your products.


  1. Corporate video boosts your Google ranking – By creating inbound links from your corporate videos to your website, you are ranked higher up the Google search rankings. This has huge benefits for your company visibility, helping you to appear in new search categories and higher in existing categories; boosting your visibility and overall online presence.


  1. Video helps demonstrate your products – Promotional videos explain your product to your customers simply, easily, and effectively. With a corporate video, you can build huge confidence in your product or service quickly and easily, making 64% of potential customers more likely to buy your product or service. A promotional video may cost you £1500, for example, but just imagine how much better off you would be making a 64% increase in sales!?


  1. Set yourself apart from your competitors – Maybe your competitors haven’t utilised corporate video yet? Using promotional video helps you to boost visibility above competitors, increasing sales and putting you one step ahead of your competition.


  1. Video gives your customers instant gratification and accessible information – In today’s world, everybody’s lazy and wants information quickly and easily. By using promotional video, people can access the information they need from you quickly and simply, boosting your reputation and providing your customers with a positive experience. This increases the likelihood of them buying off you in the future.


  1. Video adds emotion – If you feature yourself or a member of your team in your corporate videos they are able to use humour, eye contact, and physical expressions to bring increased personality to your business. This personality combined with background music is great for producing an emotional effect, bringing out emotions in potential customers, and making your business more memorable thanks to a simple corporate video.

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Edward George - Video My Business This article was published by Edward George on 26th July 2014. 'Edward is the Director of Video My Business and a passionate entrepreneur. With big aspirations he hopes to change the business video industry for the better.
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