Video Production In London, Where Do I Start?

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So, you are looking for video production in London? Great! I can definitely help you out. With my previous knowledge and experience of putting businesses just like yours in touch with video producers in London and across the UK this guide should tell you everything you need to know and hopefully find you the video producer you have been looking for.

Video Production London - London Sunset

Finding the right video producer in London is no easy task. There are quite literally thousands to choose from, a potential minefield for your business. With all these video producers claiming they are award winning, contemporary and fantastic value for money it has never been more complicated to find quality video production in London. However with some of your time and by following a few simple rules this task can be much easier than you might think.

Video Production London - Where should I start?

Chances are the first thing you would think to do is to search Google for ‘video producer London’ or ‘video production London’. This can be a good start and all those top few pages are filled with fantastic, high quality video production companies who would produce you an effective video in an instant. However chances are they are more expensive than they need to be. Video production in London is fiercely competitive and as a result many of the top video production companies charge over the odds because they know big businesses are willing to pay.

Your business is unlikely to have a million pound advertising budget but that does not mean you don’t still want to find a quality video producer who won’t charge you and arm and a leg. Thankfully there are easy ways around this. Just follow a few simple tips below to make sure you find a video producer to fit your taste and budget!

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The first thing you can do is of course is trawl the deeper pages of Google. It is well worth going beyond page 2/3 for this. With most searchers statistically not going beyond the page 2 of Google, there are many companies who may not be as competitive in the search results but who are a lot more competitive on price.

But do you really have time to trawl through the depths of Google? Chances are you do not.

Thankfully I can help here. At Video My Business we specialise in putting your business in touch with effective, value driven and professional video producers.

How do we do this you may ask? One of two ways;

Either you can submit your brief via our video producer quotes form to receive personally selected and managed quotes by myself for free.


You can choose from a selection of video producers on our Video Production London search page. To give you a little taste below are some of our top video producers from the London area.

Video Production London - Some Examples

The Mono Grande – Greater London

Having worked with The Mono Grande for over a year now their high standards, professional attitude and excellent reliability mean it is always a pleasure to work with them. Their work is very effective and engaging as you can see from their show reel below. They come highly recommended!

Polarity Films – Greater London

Simon and his team from Polarity Films have produced some fantastic work. As an outfit they never fail to perform and seemingly always produce effective, professional and visually beautiful work. Having worked with Simon, I have no hesitation in recommending him and his team at Polarity Films. Check out their show reel below.

Biscuit Media – Greater London

Martin Bisiker from Biscuit Media really understands the true concept of creating effective compelling content - storytelling. Martin’s wealth of experience helps give all of his videos a very unique relatable feel. Martin seemingly manages to bring his subjects personalities out across all of his videos by making each subject look very natural and at ease. He is a pleasure to deal with and comes highly recommended.

MediaNerd – Berkshire

It has been a pleasure to work with Jonathan and his team at MediaNerd. MediaNerd produce all kinds of work and can really turn their hand to anything. With a knowledgeable and experienced team they are always producing effective, compelling content for all of their new and existing clients. Jonathan and his team come highly recommended.

Zest Productions – Greater London

Zest Productions have not been with us quite as long, however Tim has been a pleasure to deal with so far. I have been very impressed by Tim and his team’s reliable and professional attitude while also producing some strongly compelling and involving content for a wide variety of clients. Take a look at an example of their work below!

So there we go. Hopefully you have found this guide useful and you are a few steps closer to finding the right video production services in London.

Are you a video production company in London and want to be listed here? Get in touch – I would love to hear from you!

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