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This week we interview James Kerr from Kerrupt Media. He specialises in bringing stop-motion animation to the corporate video production world. Read more about him and Kerrupt Media below!

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Who are you and what do you do?

I'm James Kerr, Creative Director of Kerrupt Animation. We're a full service animations studio which means we provide all areas of corporate video production – we can create a corporate video from start to finish. This is very helpful for clients, especially if they aren't familiar with the process of video production as we can guide them through each step. We have a wide range of clients from small firms to large multi-nationals. We also work with broadcasters like Channel  5, the BBC, Nickelodeon and MTV.

What makes you and your production company unique?

We provide all forms of animation including 2D and CGI but we specialise in stop-motion animation (think Wallace and Gromit!). It's a very rare art form and very difficult to source companies that can do it well – plus it's usually quite expensive. However, we've developed new techniques of video production that mean we can make commercials, promos and explainer videos in short spaces of time and on small budgets.

How does this unique aspect of your business help to create a better business video?

The fact is there are lots of great animation production companies. The software that is available means you can do amazing things with a computer and create fantastic 2D and CGI animated corporate videos. However, this creates a problem in itself – there is LOTS of CGI and 2D online and on television and the public are indifferent to it all. The advantage of stop-motion animation is that it has such a unique look. Not only this, but it also really connects with the audience – just look at Wallace and Gromit or Creature Comforts!

If there is one thing you’ve learnt while producing business videos, what would it be?

I always advise corporate video production clients to keep the message simple. A video should be simple, clear and concise in its message. Your aim is not only to engage your audience with what they are seeing, but absorb the message you're telling many of us can think of a great advert now – but can't think of the company behind the product or service! Ouch.

What does the future hold for Kerrupt Animation? Do you have any exciting aims or targets?

We're currently developing a new children's TV series which we hope to take into production later this year – the aim is to make the next Peppa Pig (apologies to all the parents of small children out there – we appreciate how much Peppa dominates not only your child's life but yours too!)

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