How to Improve SEO with Video

How to Improve SEO with Corporate Video Production

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In this guide, we run through how to improve your SEO with video!

With recent changes within Google, it is now hugely beneficial to have rich content such as video within your website. With Google rating you higher with video embedded, now is a great time to make the most of using those promotional videos on your website.

As you may have noticed before, Google quite often displays rich snippets in its search results. These are very useful as they enormously increase the click through rate to your website, bringing your company increased visibility and success online. Alongside these rich snippets, Google also ranks you higher if your website contains rich content such as promotional video.

How to Improve Video SEO with Corporate Video Production

But how do I increase my chances of corporate video boosting my website’s SEO? Well, there is no sure fire way to guarantee getting your snippets of promotional video to appear in Google search results, but there are several things you can do to boost your chances. Here is a quick rundown of how to increase your chances:

  1. Create a video sitemap – A video sitemap allows Google to easily see where and how video is embedded on your website, making it more likely for Google to find and display your promotional video in its results for your search terms.

  2. Verify your YouTube channel – By verifying your YouTube channel you are able to upload custom thumbnails for your videos, allowing you to display the strongest message to maximise click through rates should people see your video and its thumbnail preview in their search results.

  3. Keyword research – This is just as important for your corporate videos as it is for your website. By using Google’s keyword planner you can quickly identify related keywords, allowing you to use them in promotional video titles, descriptions, and tags. This will help to make them more visible when Google crawls your website.

  4. Increase video views and engagement – This is one of the easiest methods to help improve your corporate video SEO. By building an increased subscriber base and following for your videos, you help Google notice you more. The more popular you are, the higher you are likely to rank. Perhaps start by subscribing to other channels of which you think would be interested in your product or service.

  5. Plan your corporate video content – As you read above, a higher following of your promotional videos results in better search rankings. By creating some great video content with an interesting storyline or topic you can dramatically increase people’s engagement and awareness of your business and its products and/or services. Below is a great example of how Blendtec have used such an entertaining but simple series of videos to market an otherwise very mundane product.


So, by no means is corporate video SEO a simple concept. But it is becoming an increasingly important tool in today’s ongoing SEO battle. Following these tips may not guarantee anything but at least you know that  they are all ways to help maximise your chances of making you more visible to searching customers. Maybe you didn’t understand a word of this! Perhaps then it would be worth speaking to your web design agency or SEO service to see how they can improve your SEO with promotional video.

Edward George - Video My Business This article was published by Edward George on 17th September 2014. 'Edward is the Director of Video My Business and a passionate entrepreneur. With big aspirations he hopes to change the business video industry for the better.
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