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Search Engine Optimisation

At Video My Business we focus our search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts on both a national and a local basis. This allows us to bring in the most traffic possible to your profile and as a result the most corporate video production leads possible. Video My usiness and your online profile is currently ranking on page one of Google for numerous key video related search terms such as; Business Video, Find a video producer, Corporate Video Producer, Corporate Video, Business video Production and Video Producer.

These are great national results, however you can really help boost your local search profile on Video My Business by following a few simple steps below. You may be asking yourself ‘What’s the point? I already rank locally with my own Website!?’ I am sure you do and that’s great. BUT, what if you had two links to your production company on page 1 of Google, this would DOUBLE the chances of someone getting in contact with you. Not only this but they also more likely to see your Video My Business result due to the rich snippet (image displayed in your result) as shown below!

Corporate Video production - Rich Snippet in Google Search Results

You can see from the image above that we provide Google with a ‘Rich Snippet’ alongside your local result. This gives you a real advantage when people are looking for video producers as it instantly stands out in the search results.

So how do I improve my ranking?

Easy! The first place to start is your ‘About You’ text, this is an ideal place to add in some extra keywords to really help Google know what your profile is about. Due to most local results being fairly uncompetitive outside of major keywords such as 'video production London' then this can normally help boost you several places at least up the rankings. In some cases I have seen jumps from page 2 to page 1 and so on.

But what keywords should I use?

Corporate Video production - SEO optimised profile text

Good question! As you can see above the site automatically generates ‘Corporate Video Production in *Your Location*’ below your company name. This really helps as a base and these site generated keywords are a great selection to build on having only been used as a result of extensive keyword research. From my research the highest locally searched keywords are generally ‘Video Production in *Your Location*’ or ‘Video Producer in *Your Location*’ these are great keywords to add into your description like the example below. You may want to add in ‘Video Production company in *your Location*’ or something similar to make more grammatical sense.

Corporate video production - Storm Video profile example

Of course we don’t want to spam Google with keywords but ideally you would mention one or more of these keywords at least twice in your ‘About Us’ text containing both a variation of ‘video production’ followed by your location.

What about backlinks?

You’re thinking ahead of the game here. This is arguably much more beneficial and important than adding in keywords and should you successfully get backlinks to your profile it will have a dramatically higher effect of increasing your local rankings than adding keywords to your ‘About You’ text. If you’re new to backlinks, then this guide is a great article to help you understand them.

You may be asking, where can I gain backlinks from? Well this is often the hardest part. A great start is sharing your profile on Social Media, while it doesn’t count for much it is still a start to help Google find and index your page more easily. The second would be to link back to your profile from your website, blog articles or even guest blog articles. This will provide you with a very important ‘dofollow’ link which will help you significantly boost your profile page’s ranking in what is a relatively uncompetitive set of results.

What about my profile image then?

Now that we’ve got SEO out of the way we can take a look at increasing the likelihood of visitors to the site making contact with you once they arrive on your profile page. Your profile image is a great place to start and is a perfect place to put a picture of yourself and/or your team. But why you may ask? Well human beings naturally feel more comfortable getting in contact when then can see who you are. A picture of you and/or your team can help you seem more approachable, friendly and professional which could make the difference between someone picking up the phone or not picking up the phone. Below is a great example from Craig Hellen over at Bexmedia.

Corporate video production - Bexmedia profile example

Social Media

Just a small one this one, by providing all of your social media channel links on your profile you are building up credibility showing the potential customer that you are a rounded professional outfit.

Search Results Image

Let’s be honest you want to be able to stand out in the search results on Video My Business. Thankfully we make this easy for you by allowing you to change the thumbnail shown in the search results as below. By adding in a bright attention grabbing image like the ones below you are going to stand out to browsing customers, you could also add some branding to this image to add an extra level of interest to your section of the search results.

Corporate Video production - Search Results examples

How do I add to this to the site?

Easy! Just click on ‘Login’ on the top right of any page of the site and click on the ‘Your Projects’ from the navigation list on the left. From here click 'Edit' the video which is the main video on your profile as shown below by the blue box. Note the main video is easily identified by not having the 'Remove' button displayed.

Corporate video production - Video producers account page

From here you can then click on 'Upload file' as in the image below:

Corporate Video production - Changing cover image

I hope this was helpful. Should you want some more personal advice on your profile then please do not hesitate to contact me

Edward George - Video My Business This article was published by Edward George on 19th August 2015. 'Edward is the Director of Video My Business and a passionate entrepreneur. With big aspirations he hopes to change the business video industry for the better.
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