How to Collaborate on Your Videos Post-Production

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Do you want to maximise productivity and enhance communication during your corporate video post-production workflow?

If you’ve answered yes then read on!

It’s no surprise that online video content is hotter than ever. Given the social nature of digital output, videos are becoming more interactive not only in terms of reach but also in creation. Once your project has transitioned into post-production, consider the following three points to maximise efficiency and interaction in your video editing workflow:

1. Annotate like you mean it

Annotating texts and visuals are becoming increasingly popular at the workplace, speeding up the production time of your corporate video. Annotation features supported on a cloud-based system, like Google Docs, avoid the confusion of multiple drafts being sent back and forth, negating the presence of multiple versions within emails and on your hard drive.

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In terms of video production, new collaborative platforms for video producers such as now allow you to make comments directly on the frame. Not only are comments enabled, but a freehand drawing tool is also available allowing you to pinpoint comments and suggest changes more fluidly. This takes out the guessing game of specifics and makes producing your video so much faster. Seasoned editors such as yourselves are all to familiar with both the joys and pains of post-production, so by using a platform like LookAt you can now dramatically reduce time wasted and focus on more important tasks.

Collaboration platforms are fantastic for serving as a visual checklist of things to do and change within your video, isolating exactly where and what needs to be addressed. Once these edits have been made, you can erase the annotations from your frames and share a new, updated version for screening.

2. Bridge gaps between you and potential team members.

Just a few decades ago, it was difficult, if not outright impossible, for video producers to work in seperate locations across a number of timezones. From inconvenient hours to massive phone bills to the expenses of face-to-face meetings, it was simply very difficult. Luckily we are now at a point in which these previous problems are being erased with the simple click of a mouse, trackpad, or tablet. It’s important for you as video producers to realise your blessings in the current state of video production, and to maximise these developments to your advantage - creatively, monetarily, and temporally.

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In line with the rapid developments in technology (and video tech in particular), it is now easier than ever before to find video professionals. Outsourcing to vast numbers of video freelancers through sites such as oDesk, and of course Video My Business helps users find potential corporate video production talent from all over the globe. This globalisation of the marketplace provides opportunities for inspired individuals (such as yourselves) to create videos even if few or zero video producers exist in your local area. 

3. Collaborate and conquer!

With this huge advancement in technologies, video editing and collaboration is no longer a hardship. Video collaboration platforms now gives SFX specialists, clients, financiers and everyone in between the opportunity to collaborate on the video project at the right time and place, quickly and easily. This increases efficiency and get's your project finished quicker and to a higher standard!

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As some of your clients will tend to be more hands-on than others, providing them with access to the video’s progress can save a lot of time, energy, and complications in the long run. They can provide feedback to be addressed in a timely fashion, so as not to disturb the overall direction and timeline of their video. Should clients be kept out of the loop, you run the risk of putting a lot of hours into something for ultimately nothing. Collaboration helps post-production stay on schedule and on par with the needs of both client and creators.

The trend for interactive and experiential video approaches extends not only on the editing floor but also to the video content itself. As the capabilities of video continue to expand both globally and technologically, the demand for advanced video collaboration grows.

This article was kindly written for Video My Business by Inbal Voitiz. As an executive post-production producer and Co-Founder of LookAt, she is focused on creating a revolutionary collaborative tool for video professionals so that brilliant and inspiring videos can easily come to life.

Edward George - Video My Business This article was published by Edward George on 23rd June 2015. 'Edward is the Director of Video My Business and a passionate entrepreneur. With big aspirations he hopes to change the business video industry for the better.
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