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DSLRs and How They Have Changed Video Production Forever…

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Ever since the Canon 5D Mk II revolution back in 2008, DSLRs have taken the video production industry by storm. They have changed video cameras as we know them. Back in 2008, any sort of high quality affordable HD video production equipment would have cost you thousands, and with these sky high prices, being a video producer in many cases was far more about having the expensive kit than having the right natural talent.

The Canon 5D Mk II changed this forever - at around £2300 it was superb value for money along with its comparatively huge sensor bringing never seen before levels of low light sensitivity and image quality. With Vincent Laforet showcasing the amazing video production quality right from launch, it got many video producers very excited about this amazing new camera. Soon everybody was making videos with this new camera. By using their existing collection of Canon EF lenses, the results were breathtaking, bringing video image quality to a whole new level.

This video Reverie by Vincent Laforet was the very first commercially shot film on the 5D MK II:

Reverie from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.


But this was not to say the 5D Mk II was not without its downfalls: having been designed as a stills camera with video production ability combined, it lacked many of the traditional video camera connectivity and ergonomic features which so many people loved. With time, work arounds were created and new products were launched specifically for this new breed of DSLR. However, relatively poor ergonomics have always been one of the biggest downfalls of video in DSLRs.

Anybody can now go and buy a budget DSLR and start recording stunning quality video for prices well under £500.

From the 5D Mk II came many more models featuring HD video from all manufacturers, getting lower and lower in price over recent years to the point where just about all mobile phones have HD video recording ability. Anybody can now go and buy a budget DSLR and start recording stunning quality video for prices well under £500.

This has been fantastic for the video production industry, resulting in a huge increase of new competition, promoting higher quality video and allowing talented video producers on a low budget to still create stunning HD video.

From this enormous success, more and more advanced video technologies in DSLRs have been introduced. With the recent introduction of 4K (see our 4K article) and astonishing low light sensitivity levels, they are now becoming better than ever. Recently, some manufacturers have been creating a new breed of camera. These new cameras such as the Black Magic Design 4K, Canon ‘C’ series and RED cameras have much improved video camera like ergonomics and connectivity, whilst maintaining large DSLR-like sensors with stunning image quality and low light sensitivity. These cameras have slowly developed into some of the best cameras available to video producers right now.

much improved video camera like ergonomics and connectivity, whilst maintaining large DSLR-like sensors

So perhaps you’re thinking of upgrading or maybe making the jump to 4K? Either way, a DSLR could be a valuable asset to your video production equipment. Check out our top video cameras HERE.

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