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Matt Haley from Matt Haley Films explains how his latest piece of corporate video production has helped Scintillate grow and build their business in our latest case study

What did Sintillate want to achieve with corporate video production when they approached you?

Sintillate is an event management company that produces high end clubbing experiences across the world.

They wanted a 3 minute promotional video that showcased their Champagne Spray pool party at the Ocean Club; Marbella. The aim of producing the promotional video was to advertise and promote this years event to all their followers across social media and ultimately get them to like the video and share it with their friends to increase ticket sales for the event.

The creative brief was to produce a corporate video that reflected the high end values of the Sintillate brand, as well as the fun filled decadence of the event to engage directly with a young, cool and affluent audience.

How did Matt Haley Films come up with a solution to this?

As the promotional video was specifically targeting a young audience I wanted to produce a video that was similar to that of a music video. Therefore the music choice was fundamental to create a strong and interesting edit. 

I wanted to create a corporate video that made the viewer a voyeur so during the cutting process I focused on the natural reactions and actions of the clubbers at the event. This fly on the wall style really helps to enhance the viewer experience and make them feel that they are there at the event.

Finally I applied post production techniques such as slowing down key interesting elements of the video and applied a full colour grade – these techniques help to make the video more interesting to watch but also enhance the stylised feel of the video. 

Sintillate, Marbella - Corporate Video Case Study

How has corporate video benefited Sintillate? Do you have any results, figures or testimonials to share?

The client was extremely happy with the video. To date the video has received over 60,000 hits on their social media streams. They found that viewers who watched the video stayed on their sites longer and shared this particular promotional video more than any of the other corporate videos that they have had produced in the last couple of years.

How do you feel this project has benefited Matt Haley Films? Is there anything you would do differently next time?

Since completing our first video production project for Sintillate we have worked on three further corporate videos for the client. Two of these being short thirty second Instagram videos which are a great way to quickly promote your product or brand. 

Matt Haley films specialises in providing corporate video in London, he was worked on many successful projects and you can find more of his video production here.

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Do you have a corporate video production case study to tell? Get in touch - we would love to share your story!

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