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With corporate video now becoming so readily available there has never been a better time to have a corporate video produced for your business. With video having helped companies like achieve a 144% increase in sales it is now becoming more obvious than ever that video is a key part to many businesses success.

In this case study Edward George, director of Video My Business talks to James Hakesley to find out more about how video is helping a real world UK based start-up; Nideo. Nideo have been using Video since the beginning and have experienced some great results. We find out a little more about who they are and just how exactly video has helped them.

What is Nideo?

Nideo is a video hosting, analytics and tracking platform specially designed to host and collect data on your corporate videos. With the Nideo platform, businesses are able to maximise the potential of their corporate videos through advance data presentation and viewer tracking. In many ways, Nideo is like Google Analytics for business video, a great and invaluable tool to help maximise the return on investment of your business video.

Nideo's graph showing number of corporate video case study plays

How have Nideo used video to help boost their business?

As a video hosting and tracking platform it is only natural that Nideo have used video to help promote and market their own platform. With a selection of case study and walk through videos they have been able to increase their reach and engagement across the internet. By increasing engagement and brand awareness it has helped Nideo to secure 450+ new users, showing that video has really been invaluable in increasing the success of their business.

What results have Nideo seen from using video?

Not only have Nideo secured 450+ new users through video promotion but they have also achieved impressive statistics across their product, support and case study videos showcasing 670.58 hours of video watched, an engagement percentage of 86%, 3,017 business profiles identified and 24,370 plays.

Summary of Nideo's corporate video case study plays

Do Nideo have any future Video Campaigns planned?

Video is the core for our business and clients we are always creating new content for our products, support topics and case studies. We are currently working on short form video content for Vine and Twitter, we are aiming for these videos to be short and fun and hopefully engage our audience in a short time. We then track how many times these videos are being played on social networks using the Nideo platform to gauge what is most effective.

Number of social engagements on Nideos corporate video case study

What tips do you have for other businesses looking to produce a corporate video?

Every business should be creating video content to help spread their message and engage their audience. A rule we stick with when creating a video campaign is to create a minimum of 3 videos per campaign. We reduce the length of our videos and then create a series of short videos that we can use more effectively. This then allows us to market more content and spread our message in easily digestible short videos. 

I hope you have found some useful information in this article. Do you have any tips or comments about how video has helped your business? Please let us know by commenting below! Looking for a video producer? At Video My Business we personally find you video producers for free!

Edward George - Video My Business This article was published by Edward George on 21st April 2015. 'Edward is the Director of Video My Business and a passionate entrepreneur. With big aspirations he hopes to change the business video industry for the better.
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