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Our 4 Best Kickstarter Video Examples

Crowdfunding and Kickstarter growth has gone through the roof in recent years. It is a fantastic new opportunity for so many entrepreneurial individuals. By allowing you to easily source funding from private investors it has opened up a completely new way to get your start up off the ground.

Kickstarter Logo - Best Kickstarter Videos

Here at Video My Business we may not be experts in how to set up your Kickstarter or crowd funding project but we do know a thing or two about a good Kickstarter video. As you may well have already worked out, a well thought out piece is a crucial part of your pitch and is invaluable for securing investors. Video is such a unique tool allowing you to portray the enthusiasm and passion for your idea to potentially thousands of investors. This is invaluable in inspiring confidence in investors and being in with the best chance of securing their investment.

Below we’ve put together what we think are some of the 4 best Kickstarter videos around, don’t agree? We would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

A clock for all seasons (Kickstarter project) - Scott Thrift

This video by Scott Thrift is a superb example. It instantly starts off with a very interesting narrative combining a variety of related clips. This combination really helps to tell a story and involve the viewer in what is a fascinating project and story to tell. There is no doubt that this video was a key part of Scott gaining $97,567 from 837 backers - Awesome stuff!

Freaker (Kickstarter)

This clip is wacky, there is no doubt about it. It instantly grabs your attention and provides a very humorous take on the product they are attempting to fund. This is a great example of how a little humour and wackiness go a long way to help convey a great sense of personality and is absolutely worth a watch.

Por Las Plumas - All About the Feathers (Indiegogo)

From a different crowd funding site we have this cracking video. Its fast pace and creative idea of using multiple people one after the other really keeps to convey personality and give you a feel good feeling. The casual attitude and few little mishaps thrown in only add to the personality that this production is full to the brim with.

Who Gives a Crap - (Indiegogo)

Nothing like some Australian personality and humour to grab your attention, eh! This is another great piece of production that has some great puns and manages to be very informative yet fun too, a balance which is often very tricky to achieve. If anything the video is a tad long but that really is nitpicking. Overall a great video!


Do you have any examples you think are worth sharing? Let us know in the comments below...

We hope these videos have inspired you for your next Kickstarter or crowd funding project. Are you looking for a professional video producer to help you out with your video? At Video My Business we put you in touch with professional video producers completely free - Simply fill in our Get A Quote form and relax!

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