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What is aerial video?

Aerial video is, quite literally, a moving image captured from the air. With today’s technology, it is almost always captured with unmanned aerial systems - or ‘drones’ as they are more commonly known. These drones are lightweight remote control aircraft that can support a video camera; they have created a fantastic opportunity to capture shots, previously only available from a very expensive helicopter. This is fantastic, as it means even companies with smaller budgets can achieve really very impressive looking corporate video.

Guide to aerial video | Bexcopter

How will aerial video benefit my business?

By having a business video with such eye catching video production, it is much more likely to engage with your clients and keep their attention. This will help to increase sales conversions or brand appeal after viewers watch your business video. Alongside this, it offers a fantastic opportunity to showcase your location’s advantages, access, and surrounding features from angles not previously available.

Who can produce aerial video for my business?

There are a few specialist aerial video production companies out in the market, however, nearly all professional video production companies offer it alongside their normal video production services - either in house or by bringing in a freelancer. Looking for a video producer? Video My Business is a great resource to find quality business video professionals to create the ideal corporate video for you.

Surely aerial video is expensive?

Like any video production project, due to its bespoke nature it is impossible to define an exact budget. As you may or may not know, business video is not and has never been ‘cheap’, yet looked at as an investment it offers almost unmatched value for money in marketing terms. With such a huge amount of possible uses, it is incredibly versatile in its ability to reach potential customers in a way no other marketing method can. A local aerial video specialist, Bexcopter, advised us that they would charge approximately £750-1000 a day for aerial video; however, this can vary due to the complex nature of some jobs. If your shoot is relatively simple then it would be realistic to expect to have a short 90 second basic corporate video filmed in under a day, however, as always it is best to give your local aerial video specialist a call to get a better idea on pricing.

Guide to aerial video | Aerial image example

What are your thoughts on aerial video for business? Do you know of any great examples of business videos that utilise aerial video techniques? If so, we'd encourage you to share in the comments below.

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