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Are you looking for a UHD/4K Monitor? Here's our top 3..

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If you’re in the market for a UHD display to go alongside your fancy new 4K video production equipment, you aren’t exactly spoilt for choice. Here, however, are three reasonably priced options, all below £750. Of course, if you would like to spend more, then for a couple of thousand pounds you can find some stunning UHD and true 4K displays. Today, however, we’re looking at the more sensibly priced end of the market.

It is important to mention that nearly all displays and consumer video resolutions are 3840x2160, commonly known as UHD (Ultra High Definition). This is infact less than the 4096x2160 of 4K which is designated for cinema and professional video production. These terms are often confused as the same thing when they are not. All consumer monitors are UHD and not full 4K resolution. It is possible to buy true 4K resolution monitors however they are not cheap.

Samsung U28D590D (£500)

The Samsung is a 28” monitor featuring a resolution of 3840 x2160 pixels, which, while technically not 4K, is still considered as Ultra High Definition (UHD). It features a display port 1.2 connector allowing for 4K at full 60Hz refresh rate as well as two HDMI 1.4 connectors. This is great news for you as a video production company, and the display also features a 1ms response time, making it a great choice for gamers and fast response graphics.

Samsung U28D590D

Featuring a TN panel, the colours have been reported as very accurate. Unfortunately, however, from reviews it seems two points where the monitor lets you down include the display’s average build quality made entirely from plastic, and the fact that the stand offers no tilt or height adjustment. While not a deal breaker for many, these points could be frustrating. Despite these factors, it is still phenomenal value for money for such a large UHD display.

Dell UP2414Q (£650)

The Dell is a smaller monitor at 24 inches, featuring the same UHD 3840x2160 pixel resolution. It does, however, feature an IPS display panel compared to Samsung’s lower quality TN panel. This means far improved colour accuracy for graphics as well as improved viewing angles, making it ideal for video production companies.

Dell UP2414Q

However, due to the nature of IPS technology, the Dell features a slower 8ms response time. This is fine if you’re a video producer, but perhaps frustrating as a gamer. Featuring a HDMI 1.4 port and a DisplayPort 1.2, the Dell is already set up for use with 4K at 60Hz which is great. The news only gets better with the stand and support being made out of aluminium, giving a sturdy and upmarket look and feel to the display. Overall, it looks like if you are willing to trade a few inches in screen size for a big jump in quality, you are likely to be greatly rewarded.

Asus PB287Q (£600)

Asus’s offering comes in the form of a 28 inch UHD 3860x2160 display. Like the Samsung, the Asus features a TN type panel, giving it a fantastic response time of 1ms. However, of course, colour production is not going to be as good as that of the superb IPS display of the Dell. The Asus is fantastically featured however, with the display, pivoting, swivelling, and height adjustment, making it fantastically versatile. Like the other monitors, the Asus also features a DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4, meaning that 4K at 60 Hz is possible with the correct computer.

Asus PB287Q

However, many reviewers have been a touch unimpressed with its viewing angles and colour reproduction even for a TN type display. Build quality is plenty good enough, however, beating the Samsung in this area. While not having the superb image quality that some may be looking for, it makes up for this by being very versatile and having an ultra-fast response time - an excellent choice for gamers alike.

So, what would we go for? As a video production company, we think you’re definitely best off with the smaller but very good Dell UP2414Q; at 24 inches, the screen is by no means small and we think the trade off in size is very much outweighed by the fantastic image quality and design.

As a video production company, we think you’re definitely best off with the smaller but very good Dell UP2414Q

Maybe, though, you want to wait, as with all new technology, prices will drop and technology will improve. Before you know it, we’ll have better offerings at half the price, so if you’re willing to hold out you could be greatly rewarded. 

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