5 Steps to Effective and Compelling Corporate Videos

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Are you considering making a corporate video? Lawrence Fowler from video production company Up A Notch Productions, goes over 5 points he believes are crucial to focus on when creating your business video.

Sound is crucial when it comes to corporate video

Good quality sound can really enhance your video production. In an age where the device in your pocket can produce fantastic images as well as order a pizza, the focus on image resolution leaves sound quality often forgotten. The problem is, the audience will forgive a poor image with clear sound, but inaudible sound and good image is the instant giveaway of an amateur video production.

Give the audience the best chance of understanding the message your film is trying to offer them, by using good quality sound.

Know your video message

There are many ways of making a corporate video, some of our clients prefer their films be heavily animated, communicating their message with vibrant motion graphics. Some want straight to camera interviews featuring members of their staff or customers. What every good corporate film has in common is a clear, a well thought-out message. The approach of “we’ll figure out what to say on the day” very rarely works and often leaves your interviewee unfocused and nervous on camera, searching for the ‘right’ word to say.

What are you trying to say?

Script, script, script!

The continued point here is that preparation is key, knowing your message before filming should be followed with a script of some description that enables the interviewee, the filmmaker and crucially you with a chance to visualise the film before production. Is it too long? Does it communicate your message clearly? Is interviewee A on screen as long as Interviewee B and C?

If you are worried about the performance of your presenter being rigid due to sticking religiously to a script, bullet points can be a great way to break down the content of your business video. This enables your key messages to be explained while allowing some room for natural improvisation.

The point here is to understand fully what you are communicating.

Embrace your identity to reach your audience

All businesses big or small have an identity; from the colours of your brand to the way you conduct business. How does the target market see you? It’s crucial that your film reflects those you are appealing to and those you’re trying to reach.

For example, is your audience youthful? Well, energetic young presenters may appeal over a more methodical, mature performer. What feel do we want to create with our choice of music? Would motion graphics help to keep them engaged?

Make the most of your location

The team here at Up A Notch Productions are lucky to have the diversity of Milton Keynes and London as a backdrop for most of our projects. We have been fortunate to film all across the UK and know that the setting of your video can be crucial in establishing the mood of your video production.

Try and think outside the box, or perhaps that should be ‘think outside the dingy office’! Is there a location within reach that is relevant but also aesthetically pleasing background for the viewer?

At the end of the day, we want to keep the viewer engaged until the final fade-to-black.

Lawrence Fowler is the Creative Director of Up A Notch Productions, a Milton Keynes based Film and Video Production Company.Image showing Lawrence Fowler - 5 Steps to Effective + Compelling Corporate videos

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