5 Killer Reasons You Need A Website Video

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Have you ever considered using video on your website? As you may already know, video is one of the single most effective tools available to your business so what better than to make use of it on your website! Everyday businesses just like yours are adding video to their website and everyday more and more companies are reaping the benefits that website video has to offer.

It’s benefits go on and on with simply too many to list, from increasing sales to standing out from your competition there is no doubt you will benefit from a video on your website. Take a look at my top 5 reasons below to why you need a website video.

Boost Sales With a Website Video

This has to be the number one reason any company would want video on their website. Increasing your sales is almost certainly your top priority, so with websites like stacksandstacks.com reporting a 144% increase in their sales after using video on their website it’s a wonder everyone hasn’t caught on.

You may be thinking so, how do I know whether it will work for me? There are of course no guarantees, but by using a quality video production company you are almost certainly going to see some great results. Take a look at this example from Dollar Shave Club. By producing this video and featuring it on their website and YouTube their annual revenue rocketed to $65 Million. This video with over 21 million views was the key to their success, yet it cost just $4500 to make. That seems like pretty good value to me.

Increase Engagement

So you’ve got thousands of people visiting your website every month, but none of them stay all that long. Your shop could be selling more and people could be more engaged in your content; but how you may ask? Well video is the best tool available to you. Statistically, website video makes your visitors stay 88% longer on your website (MistMedia). This is because video engages your viewer, it provides something of interest to them in a simple and easily to consume format. Remember, in modern society, convenience is king – that’s what your visitors want!

Easily explain what your website does with a website video

If I had a Pound for every time I visited a website and didn’t easily understand its purpose then I would be sat on a beach right now, not writing this blog. Sure you know exactly what you offer and you know what your website achieves, but you have to remember most of your website visitors have never even heard of you.

OK sure you can have a clear concise title and introduction, but in today’s world, reading large amounts of text is a hassle for visitors. People want it easy, people want video.

A website video quickly explains to your visitor exactly what you do and exactly who you are, with no room for mistakes or misunderstandings. When a visitor has this information they are far more likely to be in a position to consume your products or services. Check out our website video below as an example!

Add value to your brand and increase reliability

A website video is a unique opportunity to create a brand around your company. It allows you to add value to your business and services by showing a personality beyond a screen. Website video lets your customers interact with you on a higher level and better understand what you stand for. With customers feeling a strong sense of relatability to your business they are dramatically more likely to buy your products/services and support you as a brand. This means increased customer loyalty and sales – a no brainer, surely?

Stand out from your competition

Are you always battling it out with the competition? You may be lucky and have the market all to yourself, but chances are you don’t. Everyone wants to be ahead of their competition, you want to be the most successful business in your sector!

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a way to make that happen but you just haven’t worked out how you can do it? Well video could well be your answer. It could be the perfect way to have the edge. But what if my competitor has already got a website video? Well just take theirs for inspiration and make a better one; simple.

I hope these points have helped you see that video will be a very worthwhile investment for your business! Businesses all around the world benefit from video every day; there is no reason why yours can’t too.

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Do you have any stories of using video on your website or any tips for us? Let us know in the comments below!

Edward George - Video My Business This article was published by Edward George on 31st January 2016. 'Edward is the Director of Video My Business and a passionate entrepreneur. With big aspirations he hopes to change the business video industry for the better.
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