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Corporate video production is key to your success!

As you may well know, It is now cheaper and easier than ever before to get your corporate video produced. With the recent introduction of services such as Video My Business to help find corporate video producers quickly and easily, there is now no excuse for not having corporate video as part of your businesses marketing plan.

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I've rounded up some videos below which we think represent great examples of promotional corporate videos. They have had a huge impact on the businesses that have had them produced. Take a look!

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1. Ikea: Experience the power of a bookbook

This clever advert is a great example of corporate video advertisement. The video style is copied from Apple’s product videos which are often criticised for being very much over exaggerated. Ikea has copied this style when advertising their new 2015 Ikea catalogue, making for an entertaining watch and something which will stay in your mind.

2. Biscuit Media – The Harwood House B&B

Martin Bisiker from Biscuit Media has produced this excellent promotional video of Harwood House B&B. It is a fantastic example of how a short, well produced corporate video can really help to show off a small business. The video is very friendly, relatable, and brimming with personality – all things which are crucial in bringing in new customers in hospitality. Biscuit Media is a London based video production company, watch more of Martins work here.

3. Pan Vista Productions – Grant Associates

Pan Vista Productions have produced this fantastic example of corporate video production. The Grant Associates video shows how corporate video can so powerfully create a personal and relatable feel to any company – no matter what its size. The marketing video also gives its viewers a confidence-inspiring and positive view of the Grant Associates brand – something which could be invaluable to potential customers.

4. Hubspot: What is HubSpot?

This is a great example of a typical corporate branding video. In the two minutes of the promotional video, you are quickly and easily made aware of HubSpot and its brand, ethos and direction. The video maintains a professional feel whilst still being relatable and fun – something which is often difficult to achieve.

5. John St - Catvertising

This is a fantastic example of corporate video. The Canadian advertising agency John St have used the recent craze of cat videos in a very clever way to market themselves. It has a fantastic story line and the ironic idea really engages the viewer while making for a very entertaining watch. With 2 million views on YouTube, it makes for a great example of a successful corporate video.

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