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Cost: £1000

Time: 2 Days


If you're looking for a corporate video production company in London, then Tallboy Communications could just be the partner you are looking for all your video communication needs. You may want your video to tell the world about your new product, to generate more customers or to communicate with employees, clients and stakeholders. Whatever your corporate video production needs, it's important that your video matches your expectations, making you look good whilst delivering exceptional value for money. Tallboy offers a range of offerings from full service corporate video production, scripting, location finding, high quality camera crews, state of the art post-production (editing, motion graphics, music, encoding, DVD's, Bluray etc), right through to Video marketing and distribution. Tallboy also offers advice on how to get track you video to make sure it is seen. For more information about Tallboy watch this video: On how much does a corporate video costs watch our guide: Our work with corporate clients such as BAE Systems, Unicef, Roche, Morgan Stanley and the NHS demonstrates our experience and ability to work with a diverse range of clients and situations. With this in mind we also have an excellent working of a wide range knowledge of corporate idea services as a video production company in London. We don't just turn up on location with all the technical requirements taken care of. We provide whats known as 'end to end' solutions which starts with initial ideas and scripting right through to editing and post production and advise on distribution methods from DVD to online and video promotion services. Please contact us on: Tallboy Communications Ltd. Parkway House, Sheen Lane, London, SW14 8LS. Tel: +44 (0) 20 3675 1515Email: